Vampires Suck and Why I Look Forward to Watching It

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga. Well, more of the book, okay. But I still have positive reasons for liking the movies, too.

However, the whole vampire brouhaha that has dominated most of the present generation’s idea of books, movies, and even TV shows is more than baffling for me. C’mon, guys, there’s gotta be more to the eyes than fangs and white skins. Right?

Which is mainly why I look forward to the film Vampires Suck.

Fine, you’re probably one of those who think the movie is such a waste of production resources. And, therefore, not worthy of spending time and money on. And fine, who on earth would want to spend so much on something so unoriginal?

But then again, we can all do with a laugh, don’t we? Even over something we’ve really invested in, interests at cost. Plus, let’s face it, there’s this tiny part in all of us that probably echoes: “Why the damned vampire addiction?” and “Finally, something that thinks vampires are getting lame, too.

More than this, though, I still have minor because’s as to why I would want to watch Vampires Suck.

For one, based on the trailer, the ability of the movie’s crew to actually dress the actors (Matt Latner, Jenn Proske and Chris Riggi) so much like the real ones is commendable. Hey, when I’ve first seen the trailer (via my laptop, hence the small screen/visibility), I’ve really thought it’s a clip from the movie. So I guess there’s as much effort we can give credit to.

Take these examples:

Vampires Suck Poster

The Sullens of Vampires Suck

Copied "rescue scene" (Proske and Lanter)

Copied Bella (Becca) and Jacob (Proske and Riggi)

Copied villains

Another, it’s not just about vampires. From the way I see it, the movie is practically about everything that has redefined popularity: Alice in Wonderland, Lady Gaga, and the so-termed ‘hotness’ of some very (physically) blessed human beings. This is proven by one trailer clip that features the imitation-Bella asking imitation-Jacob why he’s taking his shirt off. Then the guy holds up sheets of paper and explains that his contract specifies shirt-ripping every 5 minutes.

This is parody at its best and grandest. From none other than the brilliant minds of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Well, what can we expect from the creators of “Date Movie” and “Epic Movie”, right?

Thus, the third minor reason: sarcasm. The movie is oozing with it. Yeah, you’ve got that right: I just love how people–and things–can slap you in the face and say, “hey, this is what you’re so gaga about“. And I like that people can channel so much animosity into something so hilarious.

Given all these reasons, you bet I’d do what I can to get movie passes for this one. Vampires Suck is set to be shown in Philippine cinemas this week, on August 25.

Again, don’t get me wrong: I do love Twilight. But let me laugh on this one, please? Maybe you could, too. Unleash that self-doubt-over-interests yourself. And just laugh. Let’s watch!

Credits: The Movies Hype and Manila Life

When the Snowball Rolls

Thirteen Reasons Why

When the snowball rolls, how long would you take to notice the destruction that looms ahead?

Jay Asher’s Th1rteen R3asons Why may seem like just any other YA, suspense-thrillers. The everyday setting in an everyday town helps in downplaying the whole story. But that’s exactly why you have to read this.

Because what may seem as your everyday actions can be as large as life itself for your immediate neighbor.

Th1rteen R3asons Why is about a set of tapes that Clay Jenkins has received one afternoon. The tapes contain a voice-recording. And a story of a chain of events that can explain the most gruesome death he has ever heard of: the suicide of his high school classmate–and crush–Hannah Baker.

In the tapes, Hannah explains or rather, names people who have given their share in her reasons to claim her own life. The tapes are supposed to be passed from one of these people to another, ultimately creating an elite circle of those who hold the key to Hannah’s mysterious suicide.

Clay listens to each of the tape, racing around their little town, and tracing back to the days when Hannah met all of those people. Where Hannah was given each reason.

Though minute each reason is, especially to those who think that high school problems and teenage confusions are beneath them, emphasis still is given on every one, even resulting to a chapter per. Such, I think, is because of the general idea that somehow, our little actions contribute to changes in another’s life.

Hannah’s story is one good example of this. A simple kiss-and-tell, a case of a peeping tom, a class list of who’s hot and not, all of the “tiny” actions and rumor-mongering of Hannah’s schoolmates have made way for her to feel a multitude of negativities: loss of self-confidence, loss of privacy and the feeling of safety, and a bursting guilty conscience.

What I really like about the book is the feeling of thrill and, sometimes, creepiness that it gives you while reading it. You sort of imagine where Clay is at as he listens to Hannah’s voice explaining each person’s sin (to her). And as the hardbound edition’s jacket comes a town map on its reverse side, imagining is not an actual difficulty.

Also, Hannah’s words are simple. In some parts, her explanations can make you go, “What, just that?” But then again, if you look at the whole picture, you would realize it’s not “just that”.

In the end, it’s always the bigger picture that leads to what’s more destructive. And in a farther end, it’s always not what you’ve done but how it has affected someone else.

Life is one big snowball of events–whether or not you’ve created it. So if the snowball starts rolling, would you even be aware of it? And your share in its creation?

The Expected Choices

Fairly predictable.

This was what I thought when I watched this year’s Teen Choice Awards, which was held/shown last Tuesday (here in the Philippines).

Although, I had to give it to Katy Perry–with her goofy themes and costume changes–and the Glee Guys ( Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Cory Monteith and Mark Salling) whose hosting really cooled things out.

Katy Perry in her Dark Knight costume

Katy in her Geek Chic costume

Nevertheless, I couldn’t say the whole event was something surprising, even considering the list of nominees and winners.

How predictable?

Well, for one, there were already expected intermission numbers that TCA had actually met. Justin Bieber’s prod was an example. Meaning, would you not expect him to be tapped for a performance in an event as big as TCA? Yeah, I thought so.

Even some of the winners, were fairly predictable. Of course, these included:

  • Kristen Stewart (New Moon) for Choice Actress (Fantasy)
  • Gossip Girl for Choice TV Drama and Leighton Meester for Choice TV Actress (Drama)
  • Glee for Choice TV Comedy
  • Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga for Choice Music: Male and Female Artist, respectively; and
  • Taylor Swift for Choice Music: Female Country Artist

And why are they predictable? Because TCA was, first and foremost, based on poll results. So naturally, who were more famous got the surfboard.

The same applied to the “bulk winners” like The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Vampire Diaries, Taylor Lautner, and Taylor Swift.

But then again, there were a bit of unexpected (which was why I used fairly to describe the predictability) names that were either included or, worse, not.

Take Ed Westwick and Taylor Momsen‘s cases. They weren’t even nominated. Really, the two who I could easily brand as Gossip Girl’s most brilliant were amiss.

This also went for Daniel Radcliffe‘s non-nomination. Emma Watson was at least included and paralleled with Kristen Stewart. But no, Harry Potter himself was not summoned.

Even the list of villains was not complete. Dakota Fanning, for instance? Or perhaps, Helena Bonham-Carter?


Nonetheless, many of the choices were appropriate. By that, I meant:

  • Liam Hemsworth, Choice Movie: Male Breakout
  • Kellan Lutz, Choice Movie: Male Scene Stealer; and
  • Ashley Greene, Choice Movie: Female Scene Stealer.

At least, not everyone was outshined (improperly).

Thus, the best hopes for next year’s Teen Choice Awards. Hopefully, the upcoming Amanda Seyfried’s Chloe and the ever-famed Inception would be given more than the justice they deserved.

Credits: and The Hollywood Gossip

For Me & For You & the Entire Sick Human Race: Health Benefits of Walking

[A post made during my hiatus interim]

If you know me personally, you are aware of my not-so-harmonious relationship with walking and long, non-vehicle roads and my ability to rant non-stop against it.

If you know me even more personally, you won’t even dare suggest that to me. Walking, I mean.

But recent circumstances have made me look at the other side. That is, the positive and beneficial nature of walking.

And since I am still in the process of psyching myself to acknowledge, accept, and actually like this idea, please bear with the remaining contents of this post.

WHAT IS WALKING, by the way?

Well, quite technically, it’s as simple as that motion resulting from your feet leaving the ground one at a time. More like this:

In context, though, walking can be talked about as something that if done right, can actually qualify as a form of exercise. Aerobic exercise, that is. On a standard, 30 to 60 minutes of such is highly recommended.


Because of this: Walking . . .

1. increases energy, stamina, and metabolism

2. makes way for a sound night’s sleep

3. strengthens bones and muscles

4. equals to a larger amount of the so-called “good” cholesterol

5. decreases the risk of blood-clots

6. makes people happier and well, better

7. reduces the risk of coronary artery disease as well as cancer and bone


8. lowers blood sugar and fat, thus reducing risks of having diabetes

9. lessens PMS, back pain, and arthritis (muscle pains, in general)

10. lowers blood pressure

11. shoos away stress; and

12. makes you stronger against common sicknesses (flu, colds, etc.)

Let’s stop here, before I bow in ardor to that which I have never smiled at, shall we? 🙂

But nevertheless, fine. Walking is beneficial. And even if not on the “because it helps lose weight” area. In fact, more than that area.

So the next time you are bound to go 5 meters away, don’t hesitate. Walk.

You save a penny and you get to be healthier. That’s a win situation you won’t wanna miss. 🙂

Credits: Walking 101 and Bicycle City

Little Hops to the Big Shift

I can only vaguely remember sitting in class and hearing my professor talk about “little hops“. I can just as slightly recall the real definition he gave to the phrase then. If only because in the next years after that, I have learned to make sense of “little hops” in a many and varied way.

For me, now, little hops refer to the small steps people can make toward their goals. Small steps that may sometimes be insignificant but can be the most surefire of paths. Small steps that have more guarantee than big major leaps.

This thought of little hops is what I have in mind right now: while another tab in my browser is open to a webpage called BIG SHIFT/Philippines.

Big Shift Philippines


Or at least, that’s what the website calls its explanation of the idea behind BIG SHIFT.

The website is put up by students of The One School and some of its founders Lex Ledesma, Quark Henares, and Team Manila‘s Jowee Alviar and Mon Punzalan.

The main expectation is for the site to be an online haven of multimedia pieces as well as blog articles where people, particularly the Net community, can see and read about the “positive side” of the Philippines.

With this objective, the whole online world–especially those who have been to and are in the Philippines–are encouraged to contribute and submit their works. These may be in the form of photos, videos, or write-ups. Anything, as long as the content is aimed at capturing “the Philippines in all its splendor” (as the website itself says).


Apolitical and completely devoid of any personal agenda, the Big Shift is created by the people behind it with the strong reason of wanting to help the country in being in the good books of the world.

Lex Ledesma explains, “We believe that the Philippines is often seen in a negative light by people outside of the country. International agencies cover only the calamity, corruption, coup d’etats because that is what gets people to watch their news. Good news is often overlooked and the absolute perfection of our many islands never reaches foreign shores.” (

National pride is what Ledesma and his team feels to be the force that binds most Filipinos who are in the same quest for change and a shift in perception. This is what they shall tap along with the acclaimed artistry of many Filipinos.

They want people to acknowledge the fact that the Philippines is not just that one country in the list of corrupt nations. It is not that one country where crimes are at high rates and where rallies are always staged against the administrators. Rather, they want people to know that the Philippines, first and foremost, is composed of a multitude of definitions for the term “beautiful“.


Even as the website prepares for its formal launch next year, people have already taken to uploading and sharing their works. Here are some of them:


Survivor Calaguas (By Hennesy Villaseñor)

Taal Volcano (By Jeff Arrienda)

Firedancing (By Lex Ledesma)

By Pam Pastor


Out of My Mind, Techy Romantics

If you wanna see more, visit the Big Shift Philippines. Now. 🙂 Or, for a closer look, you can go to their launch, which is set on August 12, 6PM, at Glorietta 5.


The idea of Big Shift Philippines, however small others may consider it to be, is truly inspiring. Here now are young people who put up sites, not just personal blogs, that actually have bigger objectives than being simple platforms of an-almost-selfish-life-outlook type of posts.

Personally, I consider this as an effort that goes beyond the idea of photography, video-creating, and writing for the art of it. It also extends far more than harboring of good vibes. In today’s age of mouse clicks and touch pads, broadbands and modems, the Big Shift has its tracks right in reaching out to the Filipinos as well as bridging the gap of physical miles between the Philippines and the world.

If you are into photography or filming or writing, you might want to consider sharing your works with the Big Shift. It might be a little hop on your part, but together with many others who make little hops of their own, the big shift that the website envisions can actually arrive to fulfillment.

You may also visit Big Shift Philippines in:  FacebookYouTube, and Flickr.

Credits:, Big Shift Philippines