When You Feel Like Doing Nothing at All

It was at the office that I first played this new single by Bruno Mars. And I laughed real hard because of the opening lyrics:

Today I don’t feel like doing anything. . . 

My officemates and I thought the song was really inappropriate to play especially from our system- and record-laden computers. But before we were even aware of what we’re doing, we began to dance along with the song. Laughing our voices hoarse, we surely got to find a way to be relieved of the stressful day.

At home that night, I Google-d the song’s music video. It was really amusing. Here, get a look at it yourself:

I do love Bruno Mars’ songs, they sound cool and relaxed. They make me feel cool and relaxed. His music sounded as if you’re in Hawaiian shores, where people have nothing to do but dance to crooning music.

I’m trying my best to make the most of the song, so I play it every time the stress level around me is at high tide.

And let everything hang loose. . .