And the Games have begun . . .

Hmmmm. . .

I just saw The Hunger Games last Friday night. I logged in to my Tumblr account and found every bit of my dashboard featuring stills, gifs, peoples’ reactions and so much more about the movie (and the book, of course). Well, I wanted so much to contribute to the conversation. But I told myself I don’t think I could until I got to watch it again (and I’m planning to, really).

So right now, all I could muster are the following crazy thoughts:

1. I think I’d like to be one of the gamemakers if only for that oh-so-sophisticated set of touch screens they used.

Gamemakers' Headquarters (

2. Gale. *sigh* I don’t know what to think of you, right now. You’ve made me hate your intensity, your vulnerability to rage, and your greatest sin of crafting the bomb that killed one of my most favorite characters. But in this movie, in every time you are shown watching Katniss and Peeta together on screen, my heart goes out for you.

Liam Hemsworth, Gale Hawthorne (Photo Source)

3. Something is amiss in that cave scene. Even after the kiss. Just . . . Errr. I’ll think about this.

One part of the cave scene (

4. And that post-Games interview. That ride back home.

Katniss and Peeta during the post-Games interview (

Katniss and Peeta on the train ride back to District 12 (

5. If I were to go fight as District 12’s tribute, I won’t ever doubt putting my life in Haymitch’s hand. I mean, come on. That point where he was watching Katniss in pain due to her burns? And the way he acted after? He’s a man who knows what he’s doing when he’s drunk. And who knows even better when he’s sober. Team Haymitch forever.

Woody Harrelson, Haymitch Abernathy (

Just a teensy question, though. Did he ever got to say “Stay Alive” in that entire movie? Can’t remember! Seriously, must watch it again.

6. There are some small details that shouldn’t have been changed if only because they affected more major parts of the movie. Like Peeta’s leg wound, the rain, and Cato’s death (it was supposed to be long and agonizing).

7. The Careers Pack were superbly amazing. They’re cunning, beautiful, and definitely the kind that you would avoid if you’re one of the contenders in the Games. Cato especially. Cato.

The Careers (Clove, Glimmer, Cato, and Marvel) (the

Alexander Ludwig, Cato (

8. Two deaths I found really disturbing and saddening: Rue’s (of course!) and Foxface’s (the tribute I would have wanted to win if Katniss and Peeta are not the protagonists).

Rue's death scene (

Foxface's death scene (

9. Primrose. If there was one thing I totally love about the beginning, it’s how Prim was introduced. Remember this is the girl that has started it all. The girl Katniss loved so much she was willing to die in the Games for her.

Prim and Katniss (

The girl who had so much love and compassion in her heart. I liked how she was depicted as someone who was so scared of being picked, which was more showed with the shock on her face when she was called out as District 12’s tribute.

Willow Shields, Primrose Everdeen (

But when her name was read out, she knew she had no choice other than to tuck her duck tail back into her skirt and go up that stage. She never meant for her sister to volunteer, never meant for Katniss’ life to be in danger. All she wanted was a life of peace and happiness. But the Games changed her forever.

10. Katniss. Here’s the thing. I’m still unsure of my feelings about Josh Hutcherson’s Peeta. But Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss is, for me, perfect.

Katniss and her trusted bow and arrow (

Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen (

One problem I’ve had with the film before I even got to see it is that we might be in for another Bella-frustration. It’s the downside of having read the books first, which are written in Katniss’ POV. Definitely, we know more of what goes on in her head than what she would be showing. This is what happened to Kristen Stewart. People have forgotten she’s not supposedly showing all them emotions in the book because she tries to keep a straight face all the time.

No, I’m not comparing Kristen and Jennifer. I’m merely saying how this exact positioning is difficult for movie-viewers.

Katniss, and Jennifer, is definitely in for the same criticizing. She shows less of facial expressions. But what we have to understand is that she hides every bit of emotion she has in the duration of the novel. Because it’s what would keep her safe and strong and desirable for sponsors.

But we’ve got to give it to Jennifer. She’s brilliant! Her eyes are more than speaking. She acts tough with all the softness we cannot help but love. She’s charming albeit her strong features. She has fear, love, despair, fast-thinking, and pain etched in every bit of her face. She is the perfect mockingjay, the one that survived even through all the flaws that could have destroyed her performance.

Katniss during the Reaping (

I would definitely go for a second watch (and a DVD of course). After that, I think I could write a more detailed post of my thoughts. For now, what I want is to get off all them brewing words in my mind.

Overall, I like the movie in itself. Love it, even. It has achieved that sense of uniqueness, which its story has, and the feeling of finally having something new in our young adult sphere.

The Hunger Games indeed would make all of us hungry for more.

And though I may not look like much . . .

I’m YoursThe Script

You touch these tired eyes of mine
And map my face out line by line
And somehow growing old feels fine
I listen close for I’m not smart
You wrap your thoughts in works of art
And they’re hanging on the walls of my heart

I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I’m yours
And though my edges may be rough
I never feel I’m quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I’m yours

You healed these scars over time
Embraced my soul
You loved my mind
You’re the only angel in my life
The day news came my best friend died
My knees went week and you saw me cry
Say I’m still the soldier in your eyes

I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I’m yours
And though my edges may be rough
I never feel I’m quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I’m yours

I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
I know I don’t fit in that much
But I’m yours


*** Can’t find an official music vid in Youtube. Is there any?

And they call it safe and sound, huh?

I got to see the music video of Safe and Sound with Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars a few days after it was previewed in MTV. I was on Tumblr then and everybody was just raving about the first-ever music video from The Hunger Games OST. So, being a THG fan myself, I checked it out.

Here’s the video, if you are ever one of those under the rocks these past few weeks and therefore have not seen it:

And my thoughts?

Well, I love the song, always will do. I love Taylor’s take on it, the way she sang it with so much emotions and softness.

But this video is, to its core, creepy. I mean, seriously, it’s entitled Safe and Sound and I’m seeing Taylor in a cemetery? Well, I do get the general idea and the reason behind it. Just that it’s creepy. It sends shivers up my spine.

Nonetheless, this has only strengthened that infamous theme of forbidding and graveness surround The Hunger Games.

That said, I cannot wait to see how this song would be used in the entire movie, let alone in scenes where I most imagine it would be in.


P.S. Maybe Taylor can consider doing a horror movie? Hahahaha! Her whiteness can make a fine ghost, that’s why.

No, I’m not a Kpop fanatic

I just happen to be in love with these:

Because I Miss You, Jung Yong Hwa

Star, Kang Min Hyuk

The Day We Fall in Love, Park Shin Hye

Well, yes, they are all from the Korean series Heartstrings. I like them because: a) they make me smile every time I listen to them, b) they do not really require that I understand the words in them, and c) they’re soothing.

So no, I’m not as solid a Kpop fanatic as the others are. I just happen to love listening to songs that make me “feel”.